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Trent Norwood

Owner/ Head Coach

Trent’s story is an interesting one. He grew up playing sport with regular gym use and was a self proclaimed “bro repper” defining fitness as the way you looked rather than the way you performed or felt. In 2010 a workplace accident left him with a broken neck and he was quickly seen to by specialists. During that time an underlying cancer was discovered and an ill fated accident became a blessing in disguise.

Trent's CrossFit journey stared mid 2012, stumbling into his first affiliate he soon discovered functional fitness or multi joint movements and the benefits that CrossFit could offer through effective coaching and CrossFit became a huge part of his rehabilitation.

Trent started training at a few local affiliates and quickly developed a desire for helping people reach their goals in CrossFit with a supportive attitude. With a keen passion for weightlifting and Gymnastics he took a step up from being an athlete and took his eye to body mechanics and movement patterns to be more a more efficient athlete.

Three years later Trent decided to make CrossFit his life and made the transition to become a full-time CrossFit trainer, affiliate owner and athlete. Trent’s attitude to fitness is longevity, having had his health taken from him in such a way in 2010, it impacted his whole attitude to fitness and wellbeing. “Id like to be doing this stuff at 65” says Trent, “i might not be able to snatch 80+ kilos at that age but i sure wouldn’t like to be in a sedentary state of dependence either”.

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