Regular Membership

  • Two classes per week, $18.75 per class
  • Three classes per week, $15.83 per class
  • Unlimited membership, $10.41 per class

FIFO Membership

  • FIFO Unlimited 2/1 $62.50 (billed 3 weekly)
  • FIFO Unlimited 2/2 $125.00 (billed monthly)
  • FIFO Unlimited 3/1 $62.50 (billed monthly)
  • FIFO Unlimited 1/1 $62.50 (billed fortnightly)

Kids & Families

  • $17.50 per casual drop in session
  • Two classes per week $13.10 per class
  • Three classes per week $10.00 per class
  • Receive 5% discount if two children are enrolled on a membership

Casual Rate

Drop in whenever you like for $25 per class, or you can get a ten pack for $220 (expires 12 weeks)

Mums & Dads We Got You Covered!

Families receive 10% discount on all memberships.

Freedom to Train

With every membership you are free to use gym during open hours and regular programming sessions to complete your own programming.

Simply consult the head coach for the most appropriate area in relation to the regular programmed workout of the day. If you have a specific goal or achievement simply talk to our staff in relation and we will help you get there.

Our Timetable

Your start date will be the first day you start training with us and your payments will be processed with direct debit fortnightly.

Direct debit payments can be placed on hold if you are expected to be away for an extended period of time, minimum 2 weeks (for example holidays or work commitments).

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